- Going to College?

5 Star Shareware
- Edited listings of Shareware and Freeware.

All Freeware
- Great Freeware site

Arriba Vista image searcher  ****
Graphics sorted and categorized.
Great search features.  "Best we've seen"

C/Net Downloads
- Categorized downloads.
- From Drivers to Freeware to Shareware.

Completely Free Software

Daily MP3
- MP3 software, midi files, games, graphics.

- A HUGE collection of software.

File Planet
- I found every software I could think of.

Freebie Directory
- Free software

Freehound freeware
- A HUGE organized collection of Freeware.

Freeware Guide
- Links to free sites

Freeware World
- A world of free stuff.

Free Site, The
- Desktop Themes,  Screen Savers.

Freeware 2000
- Well organized
- Freeware.

Freeware Home
- 32bit free software, and games.


Galt Download Zone (theLinkpage ****)
- Just about everything

- Freeware & Shareware

Major geeks.com
Awesome site. Very well done.

- Freeware

PC Forest
- System tweaks and utilities.

PC Games
-This ones gone HOT!

Screen Saver Haven****
Screen savers, and wall paper.

C\Nets Shareware search engine.

-Windows / Linux

Top Quality Freeware ****
-16,000+ Files.

Totally Free Stuff
-Everything free.

TUCOWS   (theLinkpage ****)
Renowned for their software collection.

- Internet tools.

Webpage ART
- Web page art, animated graphics, countless.

Xteq Systems
- Do more, Faster, and for Free.

Xtremescreensavers (Off the scale)
Extreme screen savers -Awesome site.

Yahoo's software collection and links.

Ziff Davis Net -Main Page
Ziff Davis's Magazines Main Page.

Ziff Davis Net -Hot Files
Ziff Davis's HOT Files download Page.

You say you want more ???

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Windows Users Group Network

Your Complete Resource Center for "The Best" in Shareware, Computing Tips and Support, Windows Industry News... and much more!


The point is not to get the most links, but the BEST links!

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The best college admission guide for Junior and Seniro Year students.

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