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Information Technology

Annoyances.org Great Site
- Microsoft annoyances and "How to fix them".

- You got it, Boot disks

CNET Tech Help
- Avoid the upgrade mistakes.

Computer Hope
- DOS command list and software.

- Technical support forums

DOS Command Index
- DOS command list and application

DOS is NOT Dead
- DOS issues, and Keeping DOS alive.

FILExt (theLinkpage ****)
- Detailed database of file extensions & programs that use them.

Free Answers 
- Search engine based technical answers.

Hardware Hell (theLinkpage ****)
- Computer upgrading, building. Know more.
- Setup guides to better understanding.

- Outstanding "Jargon Buster".

Linux Documentation Project(*****)
- We have replaced all Linux links with this Link.

Magazine Rack
- Magazines Online

- Stable, open source Applications

PC Forest 
- Windows information.
- System tweaks, and downloads.

PC Mechanic 
- Good site, very well organized.

- Keep up to date.

- Microsofts best solutions site.

Tech Tips 
- Computer professional forums.

Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell
- Awesome site!

Virtual Dr.
- Solutions to common problems.
- Support for all O/S's.

 Tips and Tricks

Bud's Win 95/98
- Tips and Troubleshooting

CTNET Downloads Tips and Tricks
- Outstanding collection of tips and tricks.

JSI inc.
- Windows 9X, NT, 2000, XP Tips/Tricks.
Registry hacks.

Microsoft Office
- Microsoft Office upgrades, tips, and tricks.

Microsoft TechNet
- TechNet - vital technical information.

NU2 News Page
- Your looking for it... It's here.

Pure Performance.com
- Hundreds of tips and tricks.

Toms Hardware Guide - HowTo  - HOT !
- Not just tips and trick, but how to....

TweakXP.com  - HOT !
- dedicated to improving and customizing Microsoft® Windows.

Windows XP Tips
- Tips on about every software out.

Ziff Davis Net -Resource Centers
- IT Resources, Services, Highlights.
- publications.

Bugs, Glitches, Patches, and Fixes

JSI inc. -Windows2000 Magazine
- Registry Hacks and more...

PC World
- What can you do when your machine

becomes possessed?

Net Mechanic
- Put your Web page to the test

Microsoft Software (alphabetical listing)
- Microsoft free-download software.

- S
amples, add-on, and patches.

Need additional information?

Hardware and Performance Links
- System optimization, drivers, guides.

- Reviews.

Help Desk Resource Links
- Online technical help for the novice.

- training, magazines, general resource.

No WARRANTEE - The Tweak Page
- Pushing hardware to the LIMITS!
- Cooling, and case modifications.

Software Links
- If it's software, you should find it here.

Vender Links
- PC venders from A-Open to Zyxel


- Scroll past the Preface and

BIOS Central
- BIOS post codes, and error messages.

Hardware Hell Bios Archive
- Weekly Tweaks Archive.

Lost Circuits
- BIOS Guide.

Miro TweakBIOS
- If it has a BIOS... tweak IT.

The BIOS Web
- Dedicated to the BIOS.

Wim's Bios
- Bios identification agent, and utilities.

Software - Utilities

Windows 2000 Free Tools
- Free utility software downloads.

Vender Links

theLinkpage.NET -Vender Links
- Hardware and Software Companies.

Virus and Worm Information

F-Secure - Virus information and Hoaxs - virus: The industry standard.
CA Virus Information - Virus information
CERT Coordination Center - protecting your system against potential problems
McAfee - One of the worlds leading Anti-virus Companies.
Symantec's Norton Anti-virus - One of the worlds leading Anti-virus Companies.

Specialized Search Engines

Bottom Dollar - Price search engine.
Price Watch - Very good price search engine.
Reseller Ratings - Online business reviews and ratings.
Review Finder - Review locator.

Education, Certification, Learning Tools, and Training

CertCities - claims to be the Ultimate Site for Certified IT Professionals.
CertTutor - You'll find the most active certification forums here.
Certification Magazine - Certification resource.
CertificationSearch - Good certification Search Engine.
CramSession - Offers some of the best forums, and study guides on the Net.
ExamNotes - MCSE, MCSD, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, CNE, A+, Network+, on and on...
Free-Ed.net - Free online training.
MC MCSE - MCSE, Cisco, CompTIA, and CIW certifications.
MCSE - Free MCSE resources.
PC Support Advisor - Acticles and tutorials.
Thomsom Prometric - Test Preperation resource.
Transcender - Great resource center.
Tech Tutorials - Free technical courses.
Tutorial Find - Free professional IT courses and Tutorial Locator.

Top Hacks, and Hacking information

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The point is not to get the most links, but the BEST links!

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