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Going to college?

As a rule we post links submitted by visitors and this page would have dozens of college links…. but when we found Sterling's College Admission Survival Guide we realized this is the only link needed to make sure you would have all the information to navigate the college admission process.

Over the years we have seen books and publications about college admission and websites by the hundreds you have to weed through to get the information you are looking for, that is if you know what to look for…  Kalendarium Inc. produces a product like no other and they call it " Sterling ’s College Admission Survival Guide".  All the who, what, when stuff in a step by step guide laid out in an easy to follow and understand calendar format.  

The Senior Year College Admission Survival Guide - June 2006-August 2007
The Senior Year college admission guide is a one-stop, global source of information for all of the college admission steps and their associated deadlines. The what, when, and how of admission applications and all required support documentation are clearly described.  This includes explanation of financial aid forms, letters of recommendation, essays, documents listing important school and extracurricular activities, etc.  Recommended methods for completing college visits, conducting interviews with college representatives, comparing financial aid offers, and other activities are also provided.  All steps for the entire academic year are linked to accurate deadlines and are clearly marked on the guide!  WALL FORMAT: 12" X 12"

The Junior Year College Admission Survival Guide - June 2006-June 2007
The Junior Year College Admission Survival Guide is a step-by-step instructional guide that enables junior year high school students to effectively prepare for the college admission process. It concentrates on the preliminary steps of student selection of a college major, starting the research to find colleges that match student academic and social interests, conducting scholarship and other financial aid research, ensuring students complete the preferred extracurricular activities that will make next year’s applications for admission exceptional, registering for SAT and ACT tests and the dates tests are offered, and much, much more.  The Junior Year College Admission Survival Guide is an important forerunner to the final Senior Year guide.  WALL FORMAT: 12" X 12"

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Loved it so much I had to become the webmaster for Kalendarium Inc. (theLinkpage.NET *****).




Colleges and Universities
College Admission Guide - Colleges and Universities by state - United States

Another must know site "Get HomeWork Help"
I took a guided tour of the "Get HomeWork Help web site" and as webmaster for Sterling's College Admission Survival Guide I have seen a lot of homework based sites... I have never seen anything like this site with live chat, voice over the internet, whiteboard, and over 3000 qualified tutors. Get HomeWork Help is for sure "a stellar learning experience for students of all ages as well as career level individuals and to maintain a safe environment where students can concentrate on achieving and surpassing their educational goals."
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The best college admission guide for Junior and Seniro Year students.

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